Private Swim School

Welcome to Sealions

Sealions is a private swim school established in 1996, we provide high quality tuition for children from 3½ years in small groups, enabling a much quicker rate of progress. We believe in the principal that every child should have the same opportunity to learn to swim and we work hard to be as inclusive and flexible as possible to accommodate every child's needs.

We encourage all our children to feel confident, safe, secure and to swim to a high standard. Lessons start with basic water confidence; then progress onto introducing the 4 different swimming strokes at appropriate stages depending on the starting ability.

If you wish to join us at Sealions, please fill in the enrolment enquiry form. You may find some sessions and days are more in demand than others, so the more flexible you can be, the quicker you will be offered a place appropriate to your child's starting ability.

We aim to offer your child a continuing place within Sealions, we will try to keep your child's time and day consistent for each new term, however due to availability there may be a change of day or venue at the start of a new term. Once you are enrolled with Sealions, your place us is yours for as long as you wish (subject to availability and fees being paid on time). We also offer intensive swim courses during most school holidays, for further information on these courses and to book a place, please click here.

We look forward to meeting you soon!